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An experienced engineering team

The DrawWorks Engineering Team is made up of young ambitious engineers that have a variety of backgrounds, from developing farm equipment to micro processing and wireless transmission. Our team have been mentored by Gus Mullins, a well-known name in the Houston oilfield engineering industry, who has spent time as an Engineering Manager at Baker Hughes and Schlumberger. Gus has been named inventor on over 40 patents. While the DrawWorks Team specializes in Tubular Running Equipment Design, we are able to invent solutions for a variety of problems within the oilfield engineering industry. Our goal is to make the products safer, easier to maintain and handle everyday abuses.

While our engineers excel in oilfield engineering, our experience is not limited there. We are some of the most skilled Houston machine design engineers and have designed other projects from the ground up including, hovercrafts, flatbed trucks, guns, propellers, load test beds, and natural gas compressor packages to name a few.

Cutting-edge technology and facilities

Located in the small town of Boling, Texas, about an hour drive southwest of Houston, our machine design and engineering facility has enough room to assemble and test large scale projects. Even though the facility maybe in the middle of a cow pasture, we use the latest technology to aid in our engineering and machine design process. With the latest laser scanning equipment, 3-D printers, and computer-aided design software such and Solidworks™ and ANSYS®, our engineering team can build just about anything our clients can imagine. Our Houston engineering and machine design firm also has experience with a wide variety of high strength steel and a variety of polymers, we can determine the correct material for each application.

Armed with patent application expertise, we can also assist in patent applications for unique product ideas that involve intellectual property.

Our team works with you on a personal level to meet your needs. Feel free to schedule a meeting with the DrawWorks Engineering Team or come out in the country air to see our team and facility.

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