Our Team

Matt Hickl

Matt Hickl received his Mechanical Engineering degree in 2012 and has overseen the development of new equipment for DrawWorks ever since. He has been awarded 5 patents during his time at DrawWorks. He is married and has a daughter. When he is not at DrawWorks, he enjoys spending time traveling, hunting, fishing and working on his parents’ farm.

Ravi Udakeri

Ravi Udakeri is an Engineering Manager at DrawWorks. Ravi is an accomplished Mechanical Engineer with 15 years’ experience in Project Engineering, Design, Manufacturing and Product Testing. He received his Master of Science from University of Texas, Arlington in 2008. He is married and has a son. In his free time he enjoys running, playing chess and spending time with family.

Tanner Frisby

Tanner enjoys tinkering and developing concepts into prototypes and finished designs. Outside of work, this has manifested itself in gunsmithing, robotics and motorsports. He enjoys adventure sports in his free time such as bouldering, kite sailing and shooting.

John Lara

John has a talent for meticulous attention to detail. He comes with a strong base in CAD systems such as AutoCAD, CADWorx and Solidworks. He has spent many years designing natural gas compressor packages. He believes communication is key for product design and development. Outside of work John enjoys spending time with his family, cooking, and attending drag racing events.

Cody Hlavinka

Cody is highly motivated in modeling and dimensioning the newest products that DrawWorks has to offer. He has worked for the oil industry for several years and has been involved with projects with Ensco, Transocean, Diamond Offshore, and Noble Drilling. Outside of work, he is interested in hunting, fishing, farming, and spending time with family and friends.

Tom Bloomer

Tom has worked in a variety of industries ranging from medical to aerospace. He has been an auditor for API and ISO. He has extensive background with machining and production. His experience in the many areas of operations has allowed him to create a visual and interactive quality management system that exceeds industry standards. These systems can be tailored to your business and meet industry requirements.

Dominic Escobar

Dominic received his Mechanical Engineering degree in 2019 and is also a certified welder. He has experience in design and fabrication of automotive components, mainly suspension. Outside of work, Dominic enjoys working on cars, hunting, fishing and designing and building speaker boxes and audio systems.