Test Beds

Designed and built by DrawWorks engineers, this test bed can apply a tensile force of 2,250,000 lbs. This product was needed to verify the design of the DWCRT and other products.


Custom design is what we enjoy the most. We received a request to develop a test propeller with an alternate pitch to improve the speed on a trolling motor, while this wasn’t a huge project for us, it gave us the ability to use a variety of our tools to develop a truly customized solution.


Developed off site by a DrawWorks engineer, this Hovercraft can lift over 1000 lbs. and travel up to 20 mph, while riding on a cushion of air. This project allowed us to show off our knowledge of aerodynamics, fiberglass and customer fabrication.

Short Drill Pipe Circulation Tool (DPC)

An offshore rental company was using a patented Drill Pipe Circulation Tool. While the tool worked well, the customers wanted a few improvements to it. Within a few months, the DrawWorks Engineering Team was able to design several improvements that include: reduction of the overall length by half, 100% adjustable mounting brackets, newly designed gearbox […]


Designed by customer request, the AutoVator combines two oilfield tools, the elevators and the mud tool. DrawWorks experience in this area allowed us to develop a remote operated tool that increases safety on the rig floor and provides a compact solution for surface casing installation. This tool has a patent pending.

Casing Running Tool

Designed for the oilfield, the Casing Running Tool, was once a large and complex piece of machinery that was required to make up and lower casing into the well. The availability of needing to pump mud through the inside of the tool also increased its complexity. The DrawWorks Engineering Team quickly came up with a […]