Casing Running Tool

Designed for the oilfield, the Casing Running Tool, was once a large and complex piece of machinery that was required to make up and lower casing into the well. The availability of needing to pump mud through the inside of the tool also increased its complexity. The DrawWorks Engineering Team quickly came up with a tubular CRT design to reduce the overall size of the tool and made it much simpler. This was not the only improvement made to the Casing Running Tool. By making this tool mechanically operated rather than hydraulic, the installation time and maintenance cost were significantly reduced. If this wasn’t enough of an improvement, the DrawWorks design allowed this tool to operate in lower temperatures and provide higher load ratings.  DrawWorks also worked closely with end users to develop a modular design that would quickly give them a variety of tool configurations not offered by any of the competition. This product is currently patented and being sold by DrawWorks internationally. It has generated millions of dollars in revenue and has several patents in multiple countries. Take a look at our video showing rig animation for our tubular casing running tool (CRT).